Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Nursery Teacher Training

NTT is an undergraduate course which deals with good preschool curriculum.

Nursery teachers training course trains teachers who aims to be successful preschool teachers and facilitate learning of young minds. This course enables the teachers to understand child psychology, growth and development, health & nutrition, cognitive development, instructional strategies of Nursery & Kindergartens sections. The aspiring teachers will learn the advanced methodologies of teaching along with classroom management and conducting interactive activities (by different practical approaches) for children to make the learning experience more enjoyable.

Our Aims

  • Develop an understanding of principles and processes of various aspects of child’s growth and plan educational activities accordingly.
  • Acquaint themselves with basics principles of early childhood care and education keeping in view the goals
  • Familiarize with methods, equipments and material of early childhood care and education with their effective use.
  • Understand importance of health, nutrition and welfare services for the child and the ability to nurture healthy habbits, prepare nutritive and inexpensive meals and render first aid in case of minor injuries/accidents.
  • Aware about role of parent’s and community in education of pre-school and early primary school children.
  • Develop an understanding of the various tools and techniques of child study.
  • Organize, plan and implement school programmes.
  • Develop various teaching skills among teacher.


1. To provide women (graduates and under graduates) with the knowledge and skills which will enable them to run their homes and guide their children more efficiently.

2. To provide vocational training which will help them get jobs in the middle levels management.

3. To educate them about social needs of the society/country and to awaken in them a desire to serve.